Why the Mixed Marketing Model works.

By combining paid, shared, earned, and owned media, every platform, medium, and network is addressed in our digital marketing and PR strategy.

Each of these four categories represents both types of media and communication methods.

paid media

Paid media is important in a digital marketing strategy because it can extend your brand’s reach to audiences that would not have been able to find you organically. Paid media helps brands target the right people at the right times, so they can cut through the noise online and increase brand awareness.

shared media

Shared media is about putting content out there and the exchange you have with your audience. Interaction through shared media—or social media—can boost your trustworthiness. This can be through Instagram or Facebook Live sessions, through discussions in the comments on LinkedIn, and so on.

earned media

Earned media might seem like a very traditional or typical strategy, but it’s certainly not outdated. A feature in an earned media outlet both augments your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness, while also extending the reach of your brand.

owned media

These assets fuel the other three types of media, and they’re equally as important in building a successful marketing strategy. Owned media is essential because it is the most direct way that potential customers come in contact with your brand.

Buyers are in a constant loop of exploration and evaluation before deciding to purchase.

It takes ~27 interactions before a B2B buyer makes a decision.

Buyers can be in the decision phase for as long as 2 years. That’s why producing content consistently and often is essential to stay top-of-mind.

Mixed Marketing Model

How does the Mixed Marketing Model work?

Each element relies on the others. For example, in order to create social posts that drive sales, brands need content to share online—what we would call owned media. In order to grow a following for this owned media, brands need earned media to direct potential buyers to the content. And to direct potential buyers to the content, companies and brands need to share their work online, which is shared media. Each element is connected.

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Our clients have seen success with our Mixed Marketing Model.