How To Make Your Inc. 5000 Buzz Last in 2022


Congrats! You’ve made the Inc. 5000 list! This honor is given to privately-held companies making their mark in America today. Alongside household names like Pandora,, and Zipcar, you are recognized for your entrepreneurial spirit and rapid scaling. 

But now that you’ve won this award, how can you make the buzz last? 

While Inc. individually profiles each winner on its website and features the top 500 finalists in Inc. Magazine, there is so much more your company can do to amplify this win. 

And the payoff of making the most out of you win is serious. 

Amplifying your Inc. 5000 recognition will help you:

  • Build customer loyalty and brand trust.
  • Establish credibility in your industry.
  • Leverage future PR opportunities.
  • Prove your company’s value to prospective clients and partners.

Our CEO, Shama Hyder, says it best in her conversation with fellow PR experts regarding the esteemed award:

“Part of the business world today isn’t just about how you get in front of new people, but how do [you get] the customers and clients to feel confident that they’ve made the right choice? So this (award) can go a long way in making them feel good about it.” 

Here are three practical tips and tricks to help your company publicize this accomplishment to the fullest. 

Tip #1: Promote your win through your sales sequence 

Many companies think of B2B PR and sales as two separate entities. However, when they work together, they achieve the best results—that’s why we specialize in sales-enabled PR. 


Communicate with your sales team the importance of promoting your Inc. 5000 recognition at each stage of the sales funnel. This means more than including the honor in your company’s email signatures or issuing a press release. Prospects should be aware and reminded of your achievement at the top, middle, and bottom of your funnel. 

Let’s break this down. 

Top of Funnel: The top of your funnel is where prospects become aware of your company and the solutions you provide. Your social media channels, blog, newsletter, and press hits play a significant role here. To turn busy scrollers into prospective customers, incorporate your Inc. 5000 recognition into this content. Whether this means mentioning your excitement during a podcast appearance or writing about your company’s journey to making the cut, this is the place to pique the public’s interest. 

Middle of Funnel: The middle of the funnel is where prospects convert into leads. To continue establishing your credibility and company value, incorporate your recognition into your most useful resources. This includes quizzes, surveys, educational documents, company webinars, and more. As a result, your leads will better understand your products and the value they bring to the market. 

Bottom of Funnel: The bottom of the funnel is where your leads will decide whether or not to make a purchase. To help them feel as informed as possible, you should showcase demos and customer testimonials that bring your solutions to life. You could even compare your company to its competitors by showcasing your Inc. 5000 ranking on a spec sheet. This statistic alone could make a significant impact on the buyer’s decision. 

Knowing your audience and their journeys through your sales sequence is essential. For example, how you show your company’s value to a past prospect may be completely different than how you introduce yourself to a new lead. This data will help you offer relevant information to each consumer. 

“It really is a great piece of kindling,” Hyder says. “You just have to throw fuel on the fire.” 

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to celebrate your success 

Making your Inc. 5000 buzz last means expressing your excitement! How can you expect the public to be excited about your ranking if you aren’t? This achievement is an honor that holds weight, so don’t be afraid to celebrate your success. 

According to Best Business Awards, award-winning small businesses can see a 63% increase in income and a 39% increase in sales. Award-winning large companies can see a 48% increase in revenue and a 37% increase in sales. 

Statistics like these show the value of this honor. The more visible your recognition is, the more credible your organization becomes. Which, in turn, makes a positive impact on your sales. Internally, your employees will feel a sense of pride when sharing that their hard work has paid off. 

Don’t worry about coming across as self-congratulatory or arrogant. Instead, show your excitement about being on the Inc. 5000 list. This could be as simple as posting videos of your employees dancing and cheering after hearing the news! Authenticity wins. 

“Don’t worry about bragging,” Hyder says. “Own it; you won it! You worked so hard…Your customers are going to be excited for you.” 

Tip #3: Target both local and national media outlets for coverage 

Publicizing your Inc. 5000 ranking effectively means looking at all of the possible PR opportunities available to tap into. For example, while the Inc. 5000 list is a national award, it is essential to pitch your story to local and regional media outlets as well. 

Look into all of the different verticals that your company can fall into. From your city’s newspaper to an industry-specific newsletter, you must think creatively to stand out from your competitors. 

“Yes, you’re a part of a bigger cohort,” Hyder explains, “but there might only be a few of you in manufacturing. There may even be just five or six companies in your city, depending on where you’re from, your alumni newsletters. There’s so much opportunity here, so you want to look at all those different verticals you might fall into.”

A comprehensive PR or digital PR strategy means finding every possible angle or placement to showcase your work. 

Do you want some help making your Inc. 5000 buzz last? Then, contact us, and we will help! 


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