client name
digital PR

The challenge


When COVID-19 put restaurants at risk of closing their doors for good and governmental guidelines begin to emerge dictating the terms of doing business in the “new normal,” OneDine was faced with an unprecedented opportunity: seize the moment as an innovative industry leader with high-tech solutions for helping restaurants overcome disruption, increase resilience, and fortify for the future.

The strategy

Zen led an internal strategy-pivot designed to demonstrate OneDine’s deep solidarity with an industry in crisis: shift from sales-focus to support-focus that put OneDine’s contactless order and payment solutions in the hands of thousands of restaurant brands and foodservice businesses, for FREE.

We built momentum for OneDine’s moment with targeted, customized campaigns deployed across select social channels and media outlets that showcased the brand as an innovative industry leader and premier provider of solutions for the pandemic and rapidly approaching post-COVID world.

The results

  • Exponentially enhanced brand awareness with an aggressive PR campaign, including 44 earned media placements garnering 196M in online readership, more than 321k video views, and almost 10k social shares — all in under 60 days.
  • Over 1.3 Million video views on social channels
  • Dramatically elevated lead generation with a remarkable boost in qualified prospects from 63 (pre-COVID-19) to 163 in less than seven weeks, representing an increase from 11k to 26k restaurant locations.
  • An extraordinary spike in closed sales in this same period, with more than 50 accounts signed representing over 3,000 units when fully deployed.

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