Customize Your Tacori Engagement Ring

Special Orders & Customization Are Our Specialty

Our California Design Studios enable us to offer unmatched customization and personalization.

Special Orders Are Our Specialty

There are no modification charges to accommodate different center stone shapes or sizes, or finger sizes. We're here to bring your personalized, dream ring to life.

Promise of Service

The purchase of a Tacori engagement ring is more than an investment in a beautiful piece of jewelry—it is an investment in the care of the piece by the expert artisans here at Tacori. We offer complimentary ring sizing, general refurbishing, and engraving touch-ups.


Step One

Find Your Inspiration

Start with your favorite Tacori ring setting. Explore our hand-crafted engagement ring selection at, and keep track of your favorites by adding them to your Tacori wishlist.

Get Inspired

Our carefully handcrafted engagement rings can easily be modified and customized for an added touch of uniqueness. Explore our engagement ring collections to find the perfect starting point for your custom ring.