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John Burns Real Estate Consulting (JBREC)
Social Media Marketing, Training, Strategic Consulting

The challenge

John Burns Real Estate Consulting (JBREC), a prominent firm in real estate research, faced a unique challenge. While their founder and CEO, John Burns, had an active and impactful presence on LinkedIn, the rest of the team was not as engaged on this crucial B2B platform. 

As a serious analyst firm, their product is their people and the insights they create. For influencer marketing to be successful for JBREC, it would have to come in the form of internal influencer cultivation and activation, and that’s exactly what we did for them. 

The strategy

Our approach involved a blend of comprehensive training, strategic trendspotting, and real-time feedback, aimed at empowering JBREC’s employees to become active influencers on LinkedIn

We initiated our plan with a well-defined social media strategy that gained the endorsement of key stakeholders. This was followed by personalized coaching for each employee, based on a proprietary three-point system focusing on optimizing their profile, enhancing their online presence, and guiding their content creation. To streamline and track the initiative, we implemented the use of the hashtag #jbrec across all related posts.

The results

The impact of our strategy was both immediate and significant. Within just four months, JBREC witnessed a threefold increase in the number of qualified leads and a doubling of traffic to their website

LinkedIn transformed into a primary driver of new business, as more employees became actively engaged and started sharing their expertise on the platform. This not only strengthened JBREC’s client relationships but also solidified their standing as an industry leader. The journey for JBREC has just begun, with promising prospects for continued growth and influence in their sector.

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