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The challenge

Emerging from a crowded fintech world, set out in 2017 with a bold objective: redefining the financial services landscape with state-of-the-art automation software. However, as is the struggle for many startups, the media limelight often evades those without a sensational narrative or a star-studded founding team. Layer that with a highly technical offering, and the task became more daunting.

With a pivotal Series B funding on the horizon, Inscribe sought to cut through the noise and ascend as a frontrunner. The message was clear: A masterful digital PR strategy was essential to spotlight their innovative prowess.

The strategy

After researching how Inscribe’s current approach was stacking up to their biggest competition, we developed a strategy to:

  • Garner consistent media hits and placements to grow Inscribe’s SOV.
  • Place Inscribe in front of strategic venture capitalist audiences.
  • Position their spokespeople as thought leaders in automation and fraud detection, building credibility for the company.

PR Roadmap:

We developed a strategy for Inscribe that was designed to introduce Inscribe to new media contacts and leverage existing media relationships to secure coverage. We identified target publications based on audience and reach. We introduced Inscribe to tech, fintech, and business outlets at varying levels, and we crafted pitch topics designed to create a buzz around Inscribe.

We set quarterly KPIs based on Inscribe’s goals, including the successful securing of bylines, podcasts, awards, and speaking opportunities.

We maximized media opportunities by using industry and media insights to place Inscribe in front of the press on the top trending topics each month.

The results

Zen Media’s quarter-long campaign resulted in Inscribe gaining considerable brand recognition, visibility, and media coverage. The campaign helped Inscribe secure new relationships with key reporters and publications, resulting in a substantial increase in the share of voice for the company.

Some notable wins: 

  • Feature pieces in top-tier outlets, such as VentureBeat and TechCrunch
  • The press release on their Series B announcement garnered:
    • An impressive 377 pickups
    • A total potential reach of over 186.1 million people
    • Plus an additional 30 organic earned media hits

With the right connections, pitches tailored to place you at the center of trending stories, and strategic messaging, even complex and highly technical companies can make a splash in the media and rise to the top of their industries. Inscribe is a wonderful example of a company with an innovative product that needed the right digital PR strategy to help them rise to the next level.

Their success? Deserved. Our excitement for them? Boundless.

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