TrueLook Case Study
client name
Influencer Marketing

The challenge

Known for pioneering breakthroughs in construction job site camera technology—extending its reach even to the South Pole with the NASA camera—TrueLook aimed to unveil its latest innovation. Geared specifically towards construction site managers and those accountable for site security, the launch of the new commercial camera in May 2022 was crucial. The objective was to amplify brand awareness, share of voice, and drive traffic to the unveiling of its Jobsite Surveillance service. The question was: How do we build a captivating narrative around a specialized construction technology solution?

The strategy

Zen Media devised an ingenious strategy, leveraging the unlikely hero of B2B construction tech: influencer marketing. A scrupulous selection process was put in place, out of which 80 influencers were examined, 38 received the nod for outreach, and a mere three emerged as the chosen champions for the campaign.

To address the client’s keen interest in growing its Instagram presence, we chose an influencer with a mighty 149k followers. The unyielding power of YouTube as a platform for extended visibility was also harnessed by collaborating with a construction-specific influencer who had 23.8k YouTube followers. Finally, a multi-platform powerhouse was selected, boasting a broad reach across Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Facebook.

The chosen influencers exhibited a combined following of over 215K, ensuring that TrueLook’s message resounded across the essential platforms.

Total following: 215K

  • Instagram: 145K
  • LinkedIn: 34.4K
  • TikTok: 21.6K
  • Facebook: 14.24K


The results

With an effective influencer marketing campaign, TrueLook was able to directly reach its audience and create a buzz on social media. TrueLook saw impressive results, including:

  • An influx of 548 high-intent leads directly targeted the product demo request page.
  • The campaign racked up over 500k impressions.
  • Interaction soared with 2,446+ engagement points across platforms.

TrueLook’s results in increased site traffic, brand awareness, and follower growth prove that influencer marketing can be a successful strategy no matter how niche the industry is.

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