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The challenge

Amidst the cryptocurrency whirlwind—a volatile and unpredictable arena—Sandclock, an innovative wealth management platform, had emerged with a mission: to allow users to tap into the crypto potential responsibly. Although they had an edge over others due to their pre-existing media foothold, the daunting shadows of the industry’s boom and bust loomed overhead. The quest? Navigating this storm, rebuilding the sector’s credibility, and positioning Sandclock as the beacon in the crypto maze.

Their ambitions were grand. They envisioned an informative and engaging footprint, targeting both crypto aficionados and the intrigued novice. And to realize this dream, they enlisted the expertise of Zen Media.

The strategy

Knowing the cryptic nature of the cryptocurrency domain, Zen Media undertook a meticulous media exploration, surveying the industry’s highs and lows, studying its peers, and spotting trends and pivotal publications. Through continuous engagements with Sandclock’s brain trust, the Zen team gleaned their unique take on the industry’s ever-evolving dynamics.

Leveraging its insights, Zen Media sculpted a distinctive voice for Sandclock. Avoiding the prevalent doom narratives, we accentuated Sandclock’s refreshing optimism. The approach was multifaceted: engaging pitches, positioning the experts as decentralized finance sages, crafting pivotal messages, and ensuring that the Sandclock brigade was media-ready.

Zen Media wasn’t just about making a splash. We ensured the ripples lasted. Promising a minimum of five media engagements for Sandclock’s debut, we ensured that the brand featured everywhere, from editorial columns to podcasts. By establishing them as a trusted voice in the burgeoning realm of crypto-philanthropy, Sandclock became the go-to name, effortlessly blending their mission with expert insights.


The results

Zen Media’s strategic brilliance redefined success for Sandclock. What was once a brand lacking in media imprint evolved into a force to be reckoned with in just a year. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Dominance over media with an average of 9.57M monthly unique visitors.
  • A staggering 36K journalist eyeballs, resulting in 12 high-impact press features.
  • A social media frenzy with 200+ shares.
  • Prestigious invitations, like the Barcelona industry conference.
  • Regular feature columns in leading publications.
  • A foolproof crisis communication playbook, ensuring Sandclock was ready for any industry tremor.

With Zen Media’s deft touch, Sandclock’s voice echoed above the crypto cacophony, building a lasting brand resonance.

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