What Goes Into a Full Digital Marketing Plan?

components of a digital marketing plan

Digital marketing means fitting together a complex combination of moving parts to tell your brand’s story in a way that compels casual onlookers to become loyal customers. 

Here’s a brief overview of what goes into creating a solid digital marketing strategy. 

What are the components of a digital marketing strategy?

Great digital marketing campaigns employ a holistic strategy across all channels, reaching your audience wherever they are. 

Exceptional digital marketing campaigns take that holistic, omnichannel strategy, and develop it into something memorable, unique, and above all, impactful.

While every digital marketing strategy will be somewhat different depending on your brand and your goals, here are the general components every strategy will include. 

  • Content mapping and strategy
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Paid advertising
  • Social campaigns
  • Digital PR

Content mapping and strategy

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “Content is king”? 

That’s absolutely the truth—and that’s why every digital marketing strategy has to start with a content strategy. 

From blogging, to social posts, to video content and more, B2B brands need content that meets potential buyers wherever they are on their buying journey. 

A content map can help you ensure you’re creating content for every stage, whether it’s consideration or closing. By mapping the content you already have to different buying journey stages and goals, you can see where you’re strong, where your gaps are, and which content formats are performing the best. 

Influencer campaigns

Think influencer marketing isn’t important for B2B? Think again. 

While influencer marketing has traditionally been used most often in B2C, it’s actually as effective—perhaps even more so—in B2B marketing, where brand reputation is of even greater importance. 

After all, many B2B purchases count for a significant part of a brand’s budget. Buyers want to know they’re making a good choice, and a vote of confidence from an industry expert those buyers trust can go a long way.  

Paid advertising

No matter how solid your content is, the hard truth is that without paid advertising, you’ll have a very hard time breaking through the online noise. 

But an effective paid advertising strategy requires more than just developing a few ads for Google and the social platforms and choosing where those ads will take people. 

It requires a much more holistic approach: one that includes optimizing your website for the right keywords, creating high-quality landing pages, and developing an ongoing supply of great content so that people who do click your ads have something to keep their attention. 

Social campaigns 

Social campaigns are often what comes to mind first when brands start talking about digital marketing.

From regular, ongoing social posts to spur engagement, to product- or event-specific campaigns, a well-executed social media marketing strategy can position brands at the forefront of their industry. 

Digital PR

Digital PR goes beyond the traditional print, TV, and online media opportunities into everything from social audio, to podcasts, to live streaming. 

From placements in Tier One outlets, to niche and trade publications, B2B PR can have a significant impact in not only expanding your brand’s audience, but also boosting your brand’s reputation—something that’s critical in the B2B world, where recommendations and trust are fundamental in gaining market share. 

Zen’s marketing experts can jump in at any point, whether you need a team to conceptualize a full digital marketing campaign for a new product launch, or to amplify a campaign you’ve already set in motion.

We use your buyer personas (and if you don’t have those, we’ll work with you to create them) to ensure we’re targeting exactly the right content to exactly the right audience, honing your brand message and winning you long-term, enthusiastic customers.


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