The world’s first and only sales-enabled PR and marketing agency.

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Why us?

Our average client experiences a 96.2% increase in demand gen and a 63% increase in sales when compared to their results from previous PR efforts.

Our roots are in marketing

Ask any traditional PR firm about
sales enablement, and they will balk.

Lucky for you, we speak conversion optimization as fluently as we do communications. Most PR firms come from a communications-only background. They get press hits for their clients and call it a day. But talking to the media isn’t enough. Without a strong marketing strategy, press hits spike and fade out.
Our roots aren’t in PR. They are in marketing.

We weave earned media into our holistic strategy-first marketing plan so that it works in tandem with our paid, owned, and shared strategies.

Mixed Marketing Model

We added earned media after seeing how PR is, by far, the quickest way to build credibility and create awareness.

We are the world’s first and only
sales-enabled PR agency.

If you want straightforward communications, you can pick from hundreds of
other agencies. But if you want PR that actually creates demand, nurtures
leads, and drives revenue
—you are in the right place.

Traditional PR

Sales-Enabled PR

A.K.A. The Zen Way

Traditional pr vs. the zen way

They spike and fizzle out.
We win and keep on climbing.

While traditional PR is all about getting hits (and that's it), sales-enabled PR—the Zen Media way—is about locking in hits and using them as a springboard for your brand.

We don't stop at press hits, we keep climbing.

Our process includes getting to know you so well that we can easily integrate into your team. Our knowledge helps us plan a full strategy that includes locking in press opportunities, writing stellar and accurate articles (so you don't have to), and amplifying each win to increase reach. We don't stop at press hits, we keep climbing.

Don't just take our word for it. See what our clients are saying.

Let’s talk.

If you want communications, there are hundreds of firms.

If you want communications that actually yield revenue results, you are in the right place.