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ATB Ventures came to Zen Media looking for a partner to establish our lab’s brand and raise awareness of the emerging technology products and services we were building.  The team at Zen had a strong track record, a deep understanding of our space and a shared passion for our mission.  Their media and communication support have been so invaluable.  Every activity and interaction with Zen accelerated positive outcomes and a return on our investment – a testament to their expertise, creativity and quality of work.  It’s been an amazing experience partnering with Zen Media.  They’ve exceeded our expectations and know how next-generation businesses need to operate in the future.

Sue McGill

SVP of Innovation, ATB Ventures

 After receiving our Series B funding, we came to Zen Media through a referral while looking for a firm that really understands the Fintech space. One month into launching our product and spinning up paid and organic channels, our team faced a decision: hire someone internal or hire an agency. Six months since choosing to partner with Zen, we can’t imagine making a better decision. They consistently filled our social media channels with content that was always on point and on brand—a tall order as our brand is constantly evolving—and secured consistent media placements in top-tier and industry media outlets, plus two regular columns in desirable outlets for our CEO. The boost in trust, brand awareness and SEO we received from Zen’s integrated offering of marketing strategy, PR and social will no doubt have a spillover effect in terms of strategic partnerships, funding opportunities, and revenue. We’re thrilled to count Zen as an integral partner in fulfilling our mission. 

Tim Wu

Head of Growth, Plastiq

Zen Media has been our marketing partner since January 2021. When we started working with Zen, they were just doing PR for us, but we quickly expanded our relationship after we saw how effective their team was at learning our industry and brand, and using that knowledge to build strategies and garner consistent press for us. Now, the Zen team handles all of our marketing and PR needs. We expanded our relationship and hired them to act as our virtual CMO.  They continue to work closely with us on everything from the holistic marketing strategy down to individual design assets, blog posts, social media content, SEO strategy, and more. Investing in Zen has resulted in close relationships with partners that truly want to know and understand our business, our industry, and our buyers. They’re excited about driving success for us, and we’re excited about the exceptional results.

Mohana Radhakrishnan

Co-founder & COO of ExpertusONE

It’s incredibly refreshing to work with a talented group of people passionate about their work and the value created for the client. I found the team to have the ideal balance of going deep into execution and looking at the big picture/strategy. From day one, experts supported us and quickly experienced the results we were expecting. I enjoyed the openness to collaboration and brainstorming and the team leaning on us as experts for the market and customer profiles. I highly recommend Zen to anyone in the B2B and D2C space. 

Easton LaChappelle

CEO - Founder, Unlimited Tomorrow, Inc.

While we had a very strong customer base at AdRoll, we didn’t have a strong Share of Voice in the marketplace. Our sizzle didn’t match our substance. While we had great data, we needed a partner who could translate those into stories that would resonate with both the media and our customers. We wanted to be the go-to resource when it came to e-Commerce. The team at Zen was absolutely the right partner for us. They exceeded expectations. In the just the first quarter of this year, we had more than a dozen key placements – both industry and top tier. We even landed a regular column in a top marketing outlet. As a result, our authority score is a 70 (top 1% of domains in the world), and our branded searches are over 8k a month.

Gavin Flood

VP of Marketing, AdRoll

In today’s world finding good services can be a challenging feat for even the savviest of us when it comes time to vetting business partners. PR and Marketing firms can be found everywhere but finding the right one is the challenge. If you want someone who will take the time to understand your business model, your products, and your organizational goals, Zen Media can help you take it to the next level. Stop your search and give them a call.

Robin L Handy

VP of Marketing and Communications, Revive Healthcare

Working with the team at Zen Media felt like a true partnership in every sense of the word. Each project was met with enthusiasm, care and extreme attention to detail. We saw direct positive impact from our efforts together and the team continuously went above and beyond to drive the best possible outcomes for us. I look forward to collaborating with Zen again in the future!

Stacy Woloschuk

VP, Customer and Partner Experience, Brim Financial

It’s been an awesome year and a half working with Zen Media and I encourage everyone to work with them. They’ve provided a detailed roadmap and hit every milestone on the roadmap in the past 18 months. All I can say is thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for everything you’ve done and are still doing.

Dr. Jeff Feinman

Founder & Teacher, Holistic Actions!

Zen Media is by far the best PR team I’ve worked with in my 20 years of experience. We saw quick results in prominent publications and always felt fully supported by their team.

Keith Jensen

CMO, Brightfin

We spent an incredible amount of time doing our due diligence when selecting a PR and comms firm to work with. As ATB Ventures works on seeding growth at the edges of innovation and explore opportunities outside of financial services, we needed to find a unique partner who would be able to understand and then communicate what we do. Working with Zen Media was an easy and exciting decision to make after our initial meetings with Shama. The team at Zen bring a unique blend of creativity, optimism, and effective workflow to the table which – coupled with their extensive partnership network – has seen us featured in Forbes and Fast Company to name a few. The team at Zen feel like a true extension of our in-house team and we are grateful for the work we’ve done together thus far, and are excited for future opportunities.

Siobhan Owen

Brand & Content Strategist, ATB Ventures

COVID-19 presented an unparalled opportunity to pivot our strategy and deliver critical solutions for the restaurant industry. Zen Media provided the momentum for our moment driving growth that defied even our highest expectations.

Rom Krupp

Founder & CEO, OneDine

We were looking for a marketing business that could lead the social media marketing of one of our products, and Zen Media did it just right. They had developed an effective content calendar that operated smoothly and consistently. They took the plunge and started a whole TikTok content operation, which was a new thing for Beatleap. All along the way, we felt like we’re being treated professionally and responsibly. The Zen Media team listened to our feedback and always suggested effective solutions! We felt as if it was their very own baby and they are a part of the Lightricks family! Finally, we can definitely say that if you want a business with a big heart to nurture your product marketing, Zen Media is the right one for you!

Guy Arama

Social Media Manager, Lightricks

Our inbound leads have increased nearly 5 times since we’ve started all this effort to get more media coverage, more content out there. And I know a lot of that is due to the media mentions helping drive brand awareness and visibility.

Mary Pitzer

Senior Vice President of Marketing ,

Zen Media has exceeded our expectations in securing media coverage and telling our story to the world. Our industry is fairly technical, and Zen has been able to understand our market and positioning very quickly to reach the executive audience we wanted. Our goal was to take our PR to the next level, and Zen Media has definitely done that.

Richard Craemer

Director of Marketing , Aurigo Software Technologies, Inc.

Zen Media has been absolutely wonderful to work with — they’ve truly gone above and beyond! Within the first 3 months, we have spoken with The Wall Street Journal, NBC, The Harvard Business Review, Digiday, Ad Age, Ad Week, The Financial Times, Forbes, and many others. Our article in the Harvard Business Review took off and was trending on LinkedIn and our contribution to AdWeek got us the visibility we needed to secure ourselves our own column in the publication.

Kayla Siegmeier

Sr Manager, Communications Strategy, Cheetah Digital

Shama and her team have provided our firm expert advice that has significantly improved our marketing and business development practices. More than once, I have found myself saying to Shama: “I wish we had known you years ago!” They are very easy to work with and quite personable. I highly recommend them to any professional services firm that needs marketing advice and consulting.

Steve Hoffman

CEO, Hoffman Marcom

We’ve worked with Zen Media for over 5 years. They are smart, devoted to our success, and most importantly know how to drive business results. As Secondary Market and Valuation Specialists serving fiduciaries and brokerages, the bar for communicating and building trust with our audience is unusually high. Zen Media has helped us to translate a complex value prop into simple, accessible terms that resonate with our B2B targets and build the trust that is the backbone of our business model. They’ve positioned us as recognized thought leaders in our field. As a result, we are the most trusted, go-to firm in our industry.

Jon Mendelsohn

CEO, Ashar Group

Zen is creative about the approach to gain new business—Here at Nouveau/ImageWear Frame Company we are a B2B organization delivering eyewear to the eye care professional. Zen was able to direct us out of our normal marketing routine and help us get closer to the consumer by developing a “find your Frame” personality quiz allowed the quiz taker to have brand awareness for the brands we were promoting—The entire project was thoughtful, fun and full of promising results.

Shout out to the entire Zen team—Erica for great project management and communication…Brandy for her mad writing skills—Stephanie for always keeping the ship going in the right direction and so many more on the team that pull together and show us best practices—- We are so happy to work with team Zen.

Teri Fittz

Director of Licensing, Nouveau/Imagewear

We needed to get more eyes on our online courses. Once we implemented a twice-weekly blogging strategy, along with paid ads, we saw both sites traffic and course registrations increase, with registrations more than 100% in a single month.

Dr. Sam Assassa

Owner, AAAMS

I had the pleasure of working with Shama and her team. They are the ultimate professionals. They do their research. Ask the right questions, and develop the ideal solutions. They deliver on schedule and on budget. They boosted online visibility for Allegiance Capital and helped us secure new clients.

Bruce Condit

VP, Allegiance Capital

The feedback has been amazing! Working with Zen has been a fabulous experience. Not only do they come up with great ideas and wonderful concepts but I will say they were super patient. We had a LOT to get done and needed to get it done in a very short time frame. They got us right to our deadline and we have a fabulous product now!

Vinita Kochhar

Head of Events, JPMorgan Chase

I have never met a CEO quite like Shama. She has very carefully built a team and a culture you just don’t find in today’s world. Most of all she and her fantastic team specialize in people. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with Shama and her team. They are someone every company should want to partner with.

Gordon Avary

VP, InfoVision

We’ve worked together for 3 years. It’s been an absolutely phenomenal partnership. We went from 7 leads to a month to over 100 leads a month, and what’s really amazing about these leads is that they are qualified leads versus the tire kickers we used to get. I’ve worked for more than 30 years in business with all kinds of vendors. I can’t recommend anyone more than Zen.

Malcolm Gilvar

VP, The Trade Group

Shama has the rare ability to not only provide wonderful results through her company’s marketing efforts, but does them in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable and secure in every decision. Her confidence and expert knowledge shine through in each project. I rely heavily on Shama and the Zen team to help grow our business, but she’s also helped me grow personally as a marketer. I would recommend Shama and her team to help any company grow to its full potential!

Krista Short

Director of Marketing, Falcon

We went from having a pipeline of 63 companies right before COVID to 163 in 7 weeks. The pipeline now represents over 26,000 locations (11,000 before). We signed over 50 accounts already, representing over 3,000 units when fully deployed.

Rom Krupp

Founder & CEO, OneDine

Shama is not only very bright, creative, and personable, her talents place her well into the “gifted” range. Although our relationship began as a professional engagement, we have become (as is likely true with all of her clients) good friends. I am a baby-boomer who treats (and is treated by) Shama as a business equal. It’s quite refreshing to deal with someone who brings her perspective and makes recommendations without hesitation, and is always focused on what will work best for the client.

Jim Penny

President, MyN10

"We went from having a pipeline of 63 companies right before COVID to 163 in 7 weeks. With the help of Zen, the pipeline now represents over 26,000 locations (11,000 before)."
Rom Krupp
Founder & CEO, OneDine

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