The Role of Earned Media in Attracting Investors

Everyone has an idea. Some people have great ideas. A select few are the most deserving of investors’ time, interest, and, ultimately, dollars. How do these companies differentiate themselves in the eyes of investors and other key stakeholders? PR and earned media are a big piece of that puzzle.

At Zen Media, our PR team has worked with a number of founders and companies seeking the attention of investors. Capital is available, but it takes the right pitch, part of which can be achieved through PR and earned media. Positive earned media coverage can differentiate your business from the crowd and continue to benefit your business long after it’s initially published, creating a lasting positive impression on your target audience and investors. 

Every company has different goals and needs to reach different audiences. Investors are savvy and are not just interested in splashy headlines. They want to see that you have a business plan and the requisite knowledge to succeed in reaching your target customers in a robust way. 

Here’s a snapshot of the benefits of PR as you build your business’s profile for investors:

Credibility and Trust

Earned media, like positive news coverage, feature stories, and podcasts, adds credibility and builds trust with both your target audience and potential investors. It’s seen as a third-party endorsement rather than self-promotion. When reputable media outlets and industry experts highlight your business, it validates your value proposition and can help potential investors see the potential for growth and profitability.

Seeing your company with a steady drumbeat of earned media coverage can serve as powerful social proof, reassuring potential investors that others see the value in your business and encouraging them to consider investment opportunities.

Expanded Reach

Earned media can extend your business’s reach to a broader and more diverse audience than you might reach through owned or paid media alone. Media outlets and influencers have established audiences, and you get their eyes and ears by appearing on those channels.

Unlike paid advertising, earned media coverage is often free or comes at a significantly lower cost, making it cost-effective for your business to gain exposure with the right audience. 


Consumers and investors are increasingly valuing authenticity. Earned media showcases real experiences, testimonials, and unbiased opinions, which can resonate more deeply with your audience. Speaking directly to your key audiences about your brand and product offerings shows authenticity and transparency. 

Thought Leadership

Through earned media opportunities like interviews, guest posts, and regularly contributed columns, subject matter experts can establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry, gaining respect and attention from both customers and investors. Earned media allows you to tell your brand’s story in a compelling and engaging way, helping you connect with your audience and potential investors on a deeper level. 

Contributed articles allow you to explore your industry in depth, with more editorial real estate to work with than a typical interview allows, where you may be one of several thought leaders quoted. Remember, it’s not the media’s job to carry water for you—they are going to provide equal time to competitors who also offer compelling viewpoints.

Share of Voice (SOV)

If your competitors are not leveraging earned media effectively, it can give your business a competitive advantage, helping you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Look where your competitors are, reach out to those reporters and outlets, and offer your story. Media love a story different from what they have seen before, which, in turn, chips into the stronghold on share of voice your more established competitors may have.

Increased SOV via earned media coverage can boost your website’s search engine ranking, making it easier for your target audience and potential investors to find you online. Ultimately, you want to be everywhere, so you’re top of mind for potential customers and investors; that’s called frequency bias.

Relationship Building

Engaging with media outlets and industry experts for earned media opportunities can lead to valuable relationships that can support your business growth and investment efforts. Once you’ve worked with reporters and media outlets prior to achieving your investment goals, you’re far more likely to garner interest once you are funded.

Incorporating earned media into your marketing and PR strategy is the smart move to not only reach your target audience effectively but also impress potential investors with your brand’s credibility, innovation, and potential for success. Becoming a known commodity to various audiences shows your savvy and creativity before you lock in investors. 


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