Our Service Offerings

The purchase of a TACORI bridal ring is more than an investment in a beautiful piece of jewelry—it is also an investment in the care of your piece by the expert artisans at TACORI.

For the greatest continuity of care for your Tacori piece, we recommend that you take your Tacori piece and your Certificate of Authenticity to your authorized Tacori retail partner as listed on your card so that they may send your Tacori piece directly to our California Design Studios.

Your personalized serial number will identify your unique Tacori item to the retailer and provide tracking and continuity of care on your piece.

To best serve clients, we offer three service packages, built based on the most common service and repair requests. 

Promise of Service


To extend the life and value of a handcrafted TACORI piece, we recommend that clients utilize our complimentary Promise of Service, a combination of services provided at our TACORI Design Studios by our expert craftsmen. These services include: standard refurbishing, milgrain touch-up by hand, and sizing (sizing as part of promise of service varies by style and condition).

Revitalization Service

Charges will apply

Customer-owned pieces that have experienced more wear and/or require repair may be best served through our new Revitalization offering, which includes: extensive refurbishment, crack/dent/deep scratch repair, deep cleaning under stones, and chipped diamond melee replacement (up to $100 retail).

Restoration Service

Charges will apply

Customer-owned pieces with more significant material loss or damage may benefit from our new Restoration service, as an alternative to remaking the original piece. 

*Pieces that are in excessively poor condition and/or are found to be not sufficiently structurally sound may not be eligible for Restoration and may require Remake.

Please know that although we have very high standards for our authorized Tacori retail partners and in their team’s treatment of our products, we cannot guarantee any work done by any outside jeweler. 

We strongly recommend that you ask your authorized Tacori retail partner to send your Tacori purchase directly to us (Tacori) for all services.

Any work performed by an outside jeweler may compromise the integrity of the piece, thus, no future work by Tacori can be “guaranteed” after outside work has been performed.

For proper servicing of your Tacori piece, again, it is imperative that all work be handled exclusively through authorized Tacori retail partners, who can work directly with Tacori craftsmen to provide the greatest continuity of care.

*Not all pieces and circumstances apply. Tacori reserves the sole discretion to determine the services they will provide, subject to change at any time. Complimentary services do not include shipping or insurance costs.