Megan Noorman

Editorial Director

With over a decade of experience in content development, strategy, and delivery, Megan oversees Zen Media’s content team. Because content sits at the center of any marketing campaign, Megan touches just about every project at Zen Media—doing everything from correcting punctuation to mapping out multi-asset marketing campaigns.

Outside of content marketing, Megan’s background includes teaching college English courses, designing and developing corporate training programs, speech writing, script writing, grant writing, fiction, creative nonfiction, and beyond. This multi-faceted background, all grounded in content marketing, writing, and development, enables her to approach assignments from a variety of perspectives.

Megan is used to leading dispersed teams, having led teams in Chicago, IL, Columbus, OH, and Gurgaon, India, among others. She thrives in Zen’s fully remote environment, and is an expert at collaborating digitally—though she is always ready to make a trip to visit team members and clients in person.

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